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4:57 am on Tuesday March 31, 2009

South Carolina gains its first hydrogen 'gas' stations

Image by Flickr user h2_and_you Image by 20090330-hydrogen2.jpg A photograph from a Los Angeles hydrogen station. Green Car Congress writes: Two hydrogen fueling stations are officially opening today in South Carolina: one in Sage Mill Industrial...
5:18 am on Monday March 30, 2009

Conference signals upswing in S.C.'s pitch to be leader in hydrogen

Image by Flickr user Pulpolux !!! Image by 20090330-hydrogen.jpg After hoping (and spending) for years, South Carolina isĀ optimisticĀ that next week will be part of its climb to hydrogen fame. What's happening next week? Some 1,000 people are...
4:23 am on Friday August 15, 2008

Hydrogen tour comes through South Carolina

Image by Flickr user jurvetsonImage by 20080815hydrogen.jpg Vehicles like BMW's Hydrogen Series 7 will be on show. If you don't mind burning a little fossil fuel to get there, you could test-drive what could be the new cars of the future: Hydrogen...
5:09 pm on Sunday August 3, 2008

South Carolina hopes for a bright hydrogen future

Image by Flickr user DRB62Image by 20080803hydrogentrees.jpg The sun represents a proof-of-concept for the power of hydrogen. But if it can be used in cars in a practical fashion that is cheaper and more convenient than plug-ing electric cars...