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4:56 am on Saturday June 28, 2008

Horses, donkeys taken for neglect

[gmap markers=blue::33.09671883650731,-79.47853088378906 |zoom=8 |center=33.09614359735857,-79.661865234375 |width=200px |height=220px |control=None |type=Map] A McClellanville woman has been charged with ill treatment to animals after a follow-up...
12:35 pm on Thursday June 12, 2008

More than 100 animals removed for neglect

Citing poor living conditions, officers removed more than 100 chickens, geese, dogs, ducks, goats, a cat, and more from a Hollywood farm. The owner, Richard Gilliard, 64, was charged with at least nine counts of ill treatment to animals. Each count...