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11:35 am on Saturday December 19, 2009

Sanford's political legacy: The power of boring the electorate

Putting the "z" in "Mark Zanford." I can only assume that political specialists and politicians have learned an important lesson from South Carolina's Mark Sanford drama: While being a stubborn mule that slows debates to a crawl may not save your...
11:30 am on Wednesday December 16, 2009

House lawmakers likely to censure Sanford today (update: censured)

Update December 16: While a S.C. House Judiciary Committee voted 16-8 to not proceed with impeachment of Gov. Mark Sanford they voted 24-0 to proceed with censuring him. The censure is little more than a "bad boy" gesture. The Post and Courier has...
12:25 pm on Wednesday December 9, 2009

Sanford impeachment nixed in a 6-1 vote

Image by S.C. GovernorAfter months of Sanford drama, the final vote is in and six out of the seven member subcommittee voted against recommending Governor Mark Sanford for impeachment. Sanford isn't getting away scott free though, the subcommittee...
1:05 pm on Monday December 7, 2009

Four more flights tossed out as panel shifts focus to Sanford's Argentina trip

The ethics hearing is churning onwards with a total of 32 of the 37 complaints on Gov. Mark Sanford's behavior having been discounted. Read more stories on this subject in our Mark Sanford topic page.Now the attention is on a 2008 South Carolina...
4:36 am on Monday December 7, 2009

Fourth Sanford impeachment hearing on today's agenda

Today mark the fourth meeting of the House Judiciary Committee who are still trying to decide whether or not to move forward with the impeachment of Governor Mark Sanford.
4:54 am on Saturday December 5, 2009

Sanford impeachment debate continues, begins march towards Argentina issue

It's of little surprise that the impeachment panel is quickly moving past the issue of Gov. Mark Sanford's plane trips, the real issue is Sanford's Argentina disappearance.  The real question is rooted here: Sanford has said he was reachable to key...
4:59 am on Thursday December 3, 2009

Today marks the third hearing on Sanford's impeachment

The House Judiciary Committee panel is holding a third hearing to discuss charges accusing Sanford of improperly purchasing commercial airline tickets and reimbursing himself from campaign funds. The Post and Courier has the wire release.
3:39 am on Tuesday December 1, 2009

Sanford impeachment meetings resume this morning (updated)

Updates at the bottom: First reporting: The special seven-member House subcommittee reconvenes this week to discuss Governor Mark Sanford's impeachment. The meetings have been broken up into two session, one to examine Sanford's use of state-owned...
4:42 am on Saturday November 28, 2009

About S.C.'s last impeaching: Supreme Court judge Wright and the end of Reconstruction

Image by USCImage by 20091128-imp.jpgThe last time South Carolina impeached someone was in 1877 as Reconstruction ended and an effort was afoot to purge the state of those elected during the period. Read more stories on this subject in our...
4:09 am on Saturday November 28, 2009

Vague impeachment requirement a key issue in Sanford debate

As expected, the vague impeachment requirement that a governor must have committed "serious crimes or serious misconduct in office" is becoming a key issue in the debate about whether or not Gov. Mark Sanford is impeachable.  Read more stories on...