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5:07 am on Wednesday March 21, 2012

In Charleston, export shipping catches up to imports

Image by Flickr user r_bowley It's an unusual bit of news in the massive importer that is the United States, the Port of Charleston has seen its export cargo reach parity with imports — and the port expects export growth to continue to grow faster.
8:45 am on Tuesday June 22, 2010

Lowcountry ports chosen for new import operation

Image by Flickr user uli harderApparel company American Marketing Enterprises Inc. is setting up an import operation that will bring several hundred containers through the Wando Welch and North Charleston terminals throughout the 2010 retail season...
6:00 am on Monday February 8, 2010

South Carolina's ports look for a much needed boost from widening of the Panama Canal

Image by Flickr user r_bowleyPort traffic has dropped 37 percent in the past five years and the entire state of South Carolina lags behind it's neighboring state of Georgia in attracting large, import-based distribution centers. As a result of this...