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9:56 am on Friday January 3, 2014

Horry County Schools to begin first phase of digital initiative with iPad distribution

Horry County Schools will launch its personalized digital learning initiative Monday by distributing iPads to students at Myrtle Beach Middle School. The initiative will put a digital device in the hands of each student in grades three through 12...
8:26 am on Wednesday May 22, 2013

Beaufort School District calls iPad program a success, will bring total to 8,400

Beauofrt School District leaders are calling an iPad program for students a success and will expand the program, buying 830 more of the Apple tablet computers for next school year to bring the total number of devices in use to some 8,400. You can...
5:30 am on Tuesday November 27, 2012

Cypress debuts iPad app for its award-winning wine list

Image by Provided A snapshot of the new app in actionTo better allow guests to understand, order and enjoy wine, Cypress restaurant recently debuted an iPad application for its wine list in the dining room. The restaurant's stock has received the “...
8:22 am on Monday August 27, 2012

South Carolina has a case of the dropsies

Flickr User: William Hook Oooops... It might be the laid back nature of the south, or a lack of caring, either way South Carolina has the dropsies when it comes to Apple's 'i' devices.  Squaretrade, one of the nation's largest warranty companies...
9:11 am on Friday August 10, 2012

Apps for small businesses in #MYR (Update: Square Up #MYR)

TheDigitelMYR Update 8/10/12: Quite a few things have happened since I first reported on Apps for small business. I won't get into new apps for business, but I'll be focusing on the most important part of business. Payment! Customer payment via an...
11:58 pm on Thursday July 26, 2012

Beaufort County school leader not retiring, heading to Charlotte school district (Updated)

WTOC 11 Update 2: The district's human resources leader will be the interim superintendent. Update: Not too much new to see here, but WTOC 11 did a worthy video follow-up and chats with Truesdale briefly about the abrupt change of retirement plans...
5:11 am on Friday July 6, 2012

Charleston schools look to expand use of iPads

Image by Flickr user aperturismoCiting high parent, student, and teacher satisfaction with pilot programs that put iPads in Charleston County schools, the school district looks likely to expand the program in the 2012-13 school year with a $1.35...
5:41 am on Tuesday June 26, 2012

With $1.8 million for iPads, Beaufort School District budget earns approval

Flickr user flickingerbrad The much-debated purchase of 7,600 iPads for use by the Beaufort County School District earned approval at the Beaufort County Council meeting on Monday, along with mandatory 2% raises and a slight property tax hike.
6:07 am on Saturday February 4, 2012

iCloud to local woman's rescue

We, here at TheDigitel, are tech lovers and some may call us Apple Fanboys so this story is right up our alley.  A local Horry County woman was recently the victim of a home break-in and was ready to give up on ever getting her items back, one of ...
10:42 am on Thursday November 10, 2011

Horry County schools relate content through iPad use

HGTC's interaction with TheDigitel MYR through the iPad Schools all over Horry County and pushing technology into new learning environments and the results are amazing. The iPad is changing the way teachers interact with content and their students....