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7:51 am on Tuesday March 12, 2013

College of Charleston getting a vegan, kosher dining hall

Image by Flickr user carianoff A vegan, vegetarian, and kosher dining facility is slated to open at the College of Charleston in 2014, and help draw in more students to the school. 
1:03 pm on Friday February 25, 2011

Hasia Diner: The Business of Jews and African Americans

How did the business encounter between African Americans— as customers— and Jews— the sellers, leave its mark on the larger political relationship which emerged over time? From the antebellum period into the middle of the twentieth century, and...
8:33 am on Saturday February 12, 2011

Choosing Sides, Again: A look at Jews in the Reconstruction of the South

Image by George N. Barnard Atlanta's railyard and roundhouse in ruins shortly after the end of the Civil War. Examining a wide range of Southern Jewish responses to the federal government's policy of Reconstruction from 1865 to 1877, particularly...
7:50 am on Thursday September 10, 2009

Forum on the 100-day strike at Charleston Hospital

Image by Department of HealthImage by 20090910-strike.jpg The College of Charleston will be hosting a forum on the 1969 100-day strike at the Charleston Hospital. The strike was in response to black nurses' aides getting paid less than white...