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1:00 pm on Tuesday January 4, 2011

Be mindful of lane closure on James Island Connector

Image by Flickr user pumpkincat210If you're commuting to James Island after work today, be aware that there are lane closures on the connector. The lane closures are necessary for performing maintenance work as specified by the South Carolina...
9:11 am on Thursday July 23, 2009

Lane closures scheduled on Folly Road, Maybank Highway this weekend

Image by Flickr user a shadow of my future selfImage by 20090723-lanes.jpg Heads up everyone, there are scheduled weekend lane closures along Maybank Highway near Folly Road occurring July 24th through the 27th and July 31st to August 3rd. The work...
6:21 pm on Monday April 20, 2009

More night closures of I-26 (updated)

Image by Flickr user Shannon K Image by 20090417-detour.jpg Kulture Klashers coming from the north: Are you listening? Update April 20: Looks like they weren't able to get everything done that they needed to, and now the nighttime closures will...
5:11 am on Tuesday April 7, 2009

Portion of I-26 in North Charleston to be closed at night

Expected closure and detour of I-26 at Remount Road have been postponed to tonight and Wednesday (April 7, 8). Here's the latest from the e-mailed update: Due to the high winds that have moved into the area, the overpass work at Remount Road was...
7:08 pm on Friday January 9, 2009

Block of King Street to be closed for 6 weeks

Image by Flickr user markcbrennan Image by 20090109-king-street.jpg A block of King Street will be closed to traffic for some 6 weeks between Queen and Broad streets beginning Monday, January 12. [gmap line=#CA0002/4/0.5:32.77780345131673 , -79....
4:33 am on Saturday August 9, 2008

Lane closures on I-26 start Monday

Part of the three-year project to widen Interstate 26, the first of an untold number of lane closures is expected from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., Monday through Thursday of this week. For more on the road-widening project, check out our story from about a...