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4:41 am on Saturday October 23, 2010

Debate swirls as Santee Cooper bumps up rent along Lake Moultrie

Image by Flickr user jalexartisSome 350 families along the edge of Lake Moultrie became very nervous when Santee Cooper started looking to up the lease rate on the land. The problem for these homeowners is you can't buy the land on which their homes...
5:50 am on Wednesday December 16, 2009

Charleston School Board denies request to lease building as church

In a vote spilt down the middle at 4-4, the Charleston County School Board members denied a request from fellow Board member Chris Collins on Monday night to lease a school in order to open and lead a church.
7:57 am on Thursday January 22, 2009

A bad economy helps Redux, Charleston Ballet Theatre with leases

It's long been known that high property prices have not boded well for Redux and Charleston Ballet Theatre. Both have feared losing their spaces as property owners seek to get more money. But with a bad economy, it looks as though both groups won't...
6:27 am on Monday November 24, 2008

State-wide wireless has chance if politicians can get act together

Image by Flickr user rkellandImage by 20081124-wimax.jpg South Carolina's government has first dibs on deciding how the spectrum of the airwaves currently used by ETV will be used after February 17, when the nation switches to digital broadcasts....