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3:27 am on Monday December 3, 2012

A bit on how Grand Marnier became so dang popular in Charleston

Image by Flickr user scott.patersonGrand Marnier, it's French, orange flavored, brandy, and it's popular in Charleston, real popular. See exhibit A: The Grand Ma Christmas "tree" at Big John's. Local legend has said that once distributors noticed...
8:11 am on Friday December 3, 2010

Beaufort's 'Tootie Fruity' to appear in Beaufort Christmas Parade

Flickr user jwinfred It has been several years since the aging local legend Wilson Lane Bourke has appeared to thrill local parade goers. But the 78-year-old man better known as "Tootie Fruity" is due to make an appearance at the Sunday, December...
8:16 am on Monday June 23, 2008

Local superhero releases comic book, plans signing

The Peanut Man: Battler of trials and tribulations of the children and less fortunate.Tony the Peanut Man threw out the first pitch of the June 13 RiverDogs game. Just a short while later, the man was gone and the superhero, Peanut Man, had appeared...
8:17 am on Monday June 2, 2008

Local Peanut Man dons superhero gear

Image by Scott WinkTony the Peanut ManA legend of peanut selling, Charleston's Peanut Man can be seen selling his salty concoctions at RiverDogs' games and other parts of town. And, now, he can be seen in his own action comic, "Peanut Man". The...