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4:29 am on Monday December 3, 2012

South Carolina BBQ: the best of the Lowcountry

Scott's Bar-B-Q One of the top things any newcomer to South Carolina should learn is that the best BBQ is often found far from your urban or suburban home.  And we've logged plenty of entries and photos about the region's best. But even once you've...
11:30 am on Thursday August 20, 2009

BBQ, BBQ, BBQ: September's a great month for 'cue events in South Carolina

Image by Chrys RynearsonImage by 3476704814_8683795a16_b.jpg Fire up those smokers!September is right around the corner and you what that means don't you? Yep that's right, a slight reprieve from the obscenely hot weather, or at least reprieve...
3:27 am on Tuesday July 14, 2009

Lowcountry BBQers head to Hickory Hawg BBQ

Image by 20090714-bbq.jpgIt's true, I have a weak spot for BBQ. So that's probably why I feel compelled to plug these Lowcountry BBQ meet ups so often. I'll be honest, the group is a bit heavy on the geek side (though they're a friendly bunch). But...
7:41 am on Friday June 26, 2009

Come eat some tasty BBQ during #MediaMogul awards

Image by Flickr user ChrysImage by 20090626-dukes.jpg Duke's in Ridgeville.If you recall, The Charleston Regional Business Journal and TheDigitel held a competition to see who could reach 1,000 followers on Twitter first. Well, the Business Journal...
9:19 am on Sunday February 15, 2009

Photos from behind the scenes at Sweatman's BBQ

Image by Flickr user chrysImage by 20090215-sweatmans.jpg This one's actually got a double story peg: First it's photos from the Lowcountry BBQ meet-up on Valentine's Day. Yep, you heard right, a group of 30 or so BBQ lovers pigged out on some...
3:09 pm on Wednesday January 28, 2009

Lowcountry BBQ meatup at Mama Brown's

Do you love BBQ? Do you like interacting with other human beings? Well the Lowcountry BBQ "meat"-ups might be just the thing for you! They say: Join fellow bloggers, Twittererers and fans of BBQ at the second BBQ Meatup where we talk cue (of course...