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4:19 am on Friday August 17, 2012

Profiling Beaufort's burger scene

TheDigitel The burger at Breakwater is one of my favorites in town. Lowcountry Weekly is roaming town, tracking down a great Beaufort every couple of months or so. Here we save you the effort of tracking down those pieces. Installment 1, Rosie O'...
4:24 am on Monday February 13, 2012

Lowcountry Produce market bound for old Beaufort City Hall (Update: Open, background)

TheDigitel The Carteret Street building is now empty of city officials and a vault of dreams. Update February 13: By accounts it sounds like the first weekend for downtown's new market went swimingly.  The Island Packet has chimed in with a nice...
7:28 am on Sunday July 10, 2011

Surge of new grocers offers more proof of an emerging locally focused creative class in Beaufort

TheDigitel Lowcountry Produce will soon expand from their Lobeco location to a market in the center of Beaufort. Even during the great economic downturn Beaufort was no sleepy town of sleepy commercial expansion, still that expansion was certainly...
9:06 am on Wednesday November 3, 2010

Lowcountry Produce's sweet potato butter getting some love from Oprah

Ken Hawkins/TheDigitel The Island Packet is reporting that Lowcountry Produce's "sweet potato butter" is getting more attention. The gourmet caners in Lobeco have reportedly had their smooth chutney of sweet potatoes and spices picked as one of...