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5:30 am on Saturday March 24, 2012

"Fresh Air" Hip-Hop Concert aims to breathe new life into local in need of healthy lungs

Image by "Fresh Air" Hip Hop ConcertHIGHER LEARNING, in collaboration with SHIFT Entertainment, presents “Fresh Air” Hip Hop Concert on Saturday, March 24 at Jimbo’s Rock Lounge in West Ashley. The concert will be held to honor Chantay Evans-Glisson...
7:45 am on Tuesday March 29, 2011

Fifteen years later, MUSC reinstates lung transplant program

Image by Flickr user cori kindredOn March 9th, the Medical University of South Carolina performed the state of South Carolina's first lung transplant since the program was abandoned in 1997. Until this month, South Carolina residents had to go to a...