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12:17 pm on Tuesday March 27, 2012

Race for the 7th: Bauer leading in polls (update: Wilkes drops out, endorses Bauer)

Photo Courtesy: MySpace Bauer being sworn in as LT. Governor, photo taken from his abandoned page. Update at the bottom: According to FITS News, former Lieutenant Governor, Andre Bauer is leading internal polls that were recently...
2:50 pm on Monday March 12, 2012

Race For The 7th (Update: Harry Pavilack)

A current list of the candidates running for the new 7th Congressional District seat in South Carolina. Harry Pavilack, Myrtle BeachFiled on: Not filed with FECAge: 71 (unconfirmed)Party: DemocratOccupation: Attorney and Entrepreneur Links:...
7:05 am on Friday October 28, 2011

Meet the Candidate: Mande Wilkes for the 7th Congressional seat Um...well...hello there.... Press Release Television host, book author, and political personality Mande Wilkes announces her bid for the Pee Dee’s emerging 7th Congressional seat. Asked why she’s running, Wilkes responds: “Well, we’...