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3:24 am on Thursday June 10, 2010

The bow of the MSC Atlantic

Image by Flickr user Palmetto Max A photo taken from the Ravenel Bridge of the "MSC Atlantic" show four deckhands on the bow. Three on the starboard side, while one on the port side takes in the view of the shore line.
2:35 am on Thursday December 24, 2009

Mediterranean Shipping further expanding use of Charleston ports

Image by Flickr user mikebaird After greatly expanding its onshore presence last year, Mediterranean Shipping Co. has been increasing its calls on Charleston's ports. And now they say they'll be using Charleston event more. Hop on over to The Post...
6:44 am on Wednesday May 6, 2009

Port inks extended contract with Mediterranean Shipping Co.

Image by Flickr user checiapImage by 20090506-msc.jpgWhile our state awaits news if the world's largest container shipper is really leaving, word has come that the world's second-largest, the Mediterranean Shipping Company, is extending its stay....