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9:25 am on Sunday October 19, 2008

Charges dropped in cross burning

Misdemeanor charges against three teens have been dropped in a September 6th cross burning incident. The 9th Circuit Solicitor's Office dropped the charges over a lack of evidence. Those teens that were accused are Joseph Wayne Chaplin Jr., Robert...
12:23 pm on Friday September 12, 2008

Cross burning allegedly by teenagers as crime of tomfoolery

Nearly a week ago three white teens were reportedly witnessed burning wooden crosses in Meggett. None of the teens are suspected of association with any organized hate groups, so what would have prompted them to desecrate this prominent religious...
2:37 am on Thursday September 11, 2008

Cross burning goes unexplained

[gmap markers=blue::32.700427638139914,-80.25521278381348 |zoom=9 |center=32.78958351251041,-80.057373046875 |width=220px |height=250px |control=Small |type=Map] On Monday evening a pair of burned crosses turned up at a rural intersection in Meggett...