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4:42 am on Wednesday January 6, 2010

When conservation doesn’t pay: the rising cost of water bills

Image by Flickr user stop that pigeon!It seems counter intuitive, even ironic that the cost of a water bill would rise the more a household conserved, but this is exactly the case for customers of Mount Pleasant Waterworks who have been issued a 9...
8:10 am on Saturday January 3, 2009

Water bill woes stir controversy in Mount Pleasant

In an effort to curb unpaid water bills, Mount Pleasant Waterworks announced last year a policy that would no longer permit individuals to create accounts in their own names. The policy instead encouraged apartment managers and shopping center...
3:48 pm on Friday September 12, 2008

Mount Pleasant Waterworks urges some customers to boil water

The company has asked its customers north of U.S. 17 to boil their drinking water for the next 24 hours as there is a risk of potential water contamination. The risk comes after a contractor broke a water line around noon on Friday resulting in low...