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10:02 am on Friday March 28, 2014

30th anniversary of 1984 Carolinas tornado outbreak

March 28, 1984 is a day that is burned into the memory of many Carolinians. Friday is the 30th anniversary of one of the worst tornado outbreaks to ever strike the Carolinas, which brought several strong and violent tornadoes to the region,...
1:00 pm on Friday November 15, 2013

NOAA gives go ahead for offshore Navy testing

Fears over unintended impact on whale and other marine mammals will grow as the Navy training begins its next round off the Southeast coast.
7:35 am on Thursday July 5, 2012

NOAA denies existence of mermaids

Flickr User: Bug-E Living on the ocean, we inadvertently become experts at our deep blue neighbor. Most can explain rip currents, know when the surf will be bad due to storms 500 miles away and know the most important answer tourist have for us, "...