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7:17 am on Thursday October 24, 2013

A visit to the landmark Pruitt's Corner Grocery

Pruitt’s Corner Grocery in the Northwest Quadrant is a local legend and one of the last small grocers in the county — and some of the best deli meat you'll find in town.
4:28 am on Saturday September 28, 2013

Pruitt's Grocery robbed Wednesday night

Pruitt's Grocery in the Northwest Quadrant was robbed at gunpoint on the night of Wednesday, September 26. The store, run by 93-year-old James Pruitt, was also robbed in 2010, and that was the first time Pruitt said anyone had ever robbed the store...
4:43 am on Monday September 27, 2010

Beaufort's Northwest Quadrant earns 'Best Old House Neighborhoods' award

Evan Thompson This Old House magazine has picked the Northwest Quadrant neighborhood as an honoree in its list of Best Old House Neighborhoods, noting that it is an up-and-coming neighborhood where houses can be had for a steal.  The magazine says,...