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10:08 am on Tuesday July 8, 2014

North Myrtle Beach gives initial approval to new adult entertainment regulations

North Myrtle Beach City Council on Monday gave initial approval to an ordinance regulating adult businesses in the city, said city spokesman Pat Dowling. The ordinance follows suit with a similar law that was adopted by Horry County officials last...
7:46 am on Tuesday February 18, 2014

North Myrtle Beach gives preliminary OK to beach tent ban

North Myrtle Beach city leaders gave tentative approval Monday night to new rules that would limit what beachgoers could use for shade during the summer. The group gave its approval to an ordinance that would ban the use of "shading devices, other...
8:03 pm on Wednesday October 9, 2013

Charleston also bans texting while driving

Charleston City Council has joined the Town of Mount Pleasant and a number of other municipalities around S.C. to ban texting and any use of handheld communication devices while driving.
10:33 am on Saturday September 28, 2013

Downtown closing ordinance would only affect new bars

On Tuesday the Charleston City Council gave initial approval to an ordinance that would require new restaurants and bars in the Cannonborough, Elliotborough and Eastside neighborhoods to close by 11 p.m.
5:43 am on Wednesday September 11, 2013

Beaufort County passes texting while driving ban

While texting and driving has been banned in the City of Beaufort, it has also been banned in unincorporated areas of Beaufort County as of Monday night.
4:44 am on Wednesday September 11, 2013

Mt. Pleasant approves ban on texting while driving

It's no to touching your phone for calls, maps, music, or whatever else while driving in Mount Pleasant after a 6-3 vote on Tuesday.
3:45 am on Wednesday July 31, 2013

Beaufort County may ban texting while driving

The City of Beaufort passed a texting ban last year, and just weeks ago the Town of Hilton Head Island passed a ban, and now Beaufort County might join in, all in the name of safer driving.
5:31 am on Wednesday June 5, 2013

A quick history: The bar industry's often loosing battle with Charleston City Hall

From restricted opening hours to smoking bans, the late-night entertainment regulation bill will likely join the list of City of Charleston regulation that has spelled doom for a number of beloved bars.
5:23 am on Monday April 8, 2013

Taxi drivers balk at $5 maximum fare

Didn't know downtown Charleston taxi cab rides were capped at a basic fare of $5? You wouldn't be alone as many drivers aren't following the ordinance, and new pressure to comply is provoking possible protest.
2:15 pm on Saturday February 23, 2013

City, jeweler mutually drop matter of reported stolen items

The City of Beaufort has dropped charges against the owner of a jewelry store after a dispute about the city's ability to revoke a business license. The city pulled David Kinard's license after he was accused of violating a precious metals ordinance...