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10:37 am on Tuesday July 15, 2014

Horry County prepares for RIDE III penny sales tax for road projects

Horry County is starting the process for a new penny sales tax to pay for more road projects. First, a committee has to come together to figure out which roadways need work across the county.
7:57 am on Thursday April 24, 2014

Myrtle Beach Mafia, S.C. beer laws, and Capt. ‘Murica

This week from Under the Outhouse, a group claims a “Myrtle Beach Mafia” has hijacked the city, more beer freedom (and beer in general) may be headed to South Carolina, and Captain America channels his inner Edward Snowden... Click on through for...
9:52 am on Thursday April 3, 2014

Riding on a Penny Sales Tax to expire in Horry County

One penny may not seem like much, but over the last seven years, Horry County has collected more than 400 million dollars in the Riding on a Penny Sales Tax, which expires this month.
8:19 am on Thursday February 6, 2014

Court reverses ruling, determining Myrtle Beach’s use of A-tax money was improperly distributed

The S.C. Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the city of Myrtle Beach did not adhere to state rules when it spent about $300,000 in accommodations tax money. The justices said the city improperly put the money into its general fund and then used it...
7:00 am on Tuesday May 17, 2011

Ad campaign by Chamber to show tax works

Flickr user davidsteltz The much talked about penny sales tax has been with us for a few years now. But is it working? Are those pennies being collected turning into dollars in our pockets? The Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce says yes. And to prove...