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4:38 am on Tuesday December 28, 2010

Magnolia Plantation's petting zoo ups their albino raccoon count

Image by Flickr user MaryEllen and PaulMagnolia Plantation and Gardens in Charleston has received a second rare albino raccoon to add to its petting zoo exhibit. Petting zoo director Chris Smith says that Magnolia's two raccoons are tame enough to...
3:55 am on Monday September 28, 2009

Impress kids on the cheap, with a visit to Rosebank Farms' free petting zoo

Image by Flickr user Brent and MariLynn Image by 20090928-pig.jpg As an adult I've known about Rosebank Farms being a good spot to get some earth-connected food, but Melissa Bigner points out that it's also a good spot to take the kids. Go take a...