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7:12 pm on Monday April 23, 2012

Signs of Spring: The Terracotta Jungle

By Gordon Mercer and Marcia Gaines Mercer Sign in window of plant nursery:  “It’s spring, I’m so excited I wet my plants!” “It’s time,” Marcia said, peering out the kitchen window excitedly, “for the wild azalea walk.”     The half circle path...
1:41 am on Sunday July 18, 2010

Sunflowers in McClellanville

Image by Robert Donovan A patch of sunflowers grows in McClellanville, just north of Charleston.
11:48 am on Saturday July 17, 2010

Charleston's sago plants pop up as a largely unknown risk to dogs

Image by Flickr user nicksoThere's a bit of local buzz about the recent re-discovery about just how dangerous sago palms can be to pets. Read more stories on this subject in our pets topic page.Originally native to Japan, they're common in our area...
12:57 pm on Thursday September 24, 2009

Swap a fern, maybe make a friend at the 2nd Annual Fall Plant Swap

Image by Flickr user gakImage by 20090925-plants.jpg No word if cyborg plants will be swapped.If you're into plants, then come on up to North Charleston for the 2nd Annual Fall Plant Swap in Park Circle on Saturday, September 26. Folks will be...
5:06 pm on Sunday July 19, 2009

About those crape-myrtles seen all around town

Image by Flickr user jmtimages Image by 20090719-crape-myrtle.jpgIf you're a tree or history person, then you'll appreciate this bit of history about the flowering crape-myrtles all around Charleston. The plant came to Charleston by way of the...
5:00 pm on Thursday April 23, 2009

'Plantasia' Garden Market at the Gaillard Auditorium

Image by flickr user folkbirdImage by nursery.jpgWork on your green thumb this Saturday, April 25th, at the 'Plantasia' garden market at Gaillard Auditorium. Tropicals, Annuals, Perennials, flowering shrubs and trees brought together by the...
2:33 pm on Tuesday October 14, 2008

This year's Garden Fest focuses on green transformation

Image by Garden FestivalImage by 20081014garden.jpg Love gardens? Love the Lowcountry? Love a good time? If so, the Charleston Garden Festival at Middleton Place is most certainly for you. The event spans three days from Friday to Sunday (October 17...