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5:12 am on Wednesday March 13, 2013

Beaufort's "The Big Chill" house up for sale

Properly called Tidalholm or the Edgar Fripp House, the house from movies "“The Big Chill" and "The Great Santini" is on the market at a cool $4.5 million.
7:42 am on Monday March 19, 2012

Sea level rise: Much of Beaufort stands to see flooding by 2020

A global warming awareness group is using data from new papers and a unique approach to help spread awareness of the risks tied with sea level rise. Climate Central created a website that combines detailed map data with a Google Maps-style interface...
4:00 am on Friday October 28, 2011

Old Point, Pigeon Point, Mossy Oaks recommended for first power line improvements

Flickr user jeklee Power lines: A historic distraction. Update October 28: The Island Packet has a very similar report, but with the notable addition of how much improvements will cost in each area and how many homes would be affected. Read that...
2:20 am on Sunday December 5, 2010

Downtown Beaufort's iconic 'The Green' secured for the public in perpetuity (updated)

Ken Hawkins/TheDigitel A sign that once read "private property" on the south of The Green is now noticeably absent with only its two supports left. Updated Dec. 7: Lowcountry Weekly's Facebook page has some photos from the dedication of "The Green...
5:36 am on Friday November 5, 2010

Residents of Beaufort's Point getting tired of all-day parkers (updated: Looks like we have a plan)

Flickr user indiewench Update at bottom First reported August 6: Between increased hourly parking rates, more meter enforcement, and an upswing in businesses on lower Carteret Street, parking in downtown Beaufort is starting to feel like doing so in...