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4:08 am on Monday May 18, 2009

Speculation still high of a Sanford presidential bid

Image by HardballImage by 20090518-hardball.jpgDespite many a South Carolinian's distaste with the Governor Mark Sanford, the man is still plenty popular across the United States for his principled stand against the stimulus. And so when Sanford...
9:28 am on Saturday September 6, 2008

Michelle Obama (not) coming to town?

Image by Flickr user P/\ULImage by 20080822michelleobama.jpg Could S.C. be blessed this year with attention from presidential politics -- or is that cursed? Update September 6: Alas it seems she is not coming, but Jesse Jackson will be giving the...
10:33 pm on Wednesday July 23, 2008

Nader to visit S.C.

Consumer advocate turned presidential candidate Ralph Nader will be at the Statehouse in Columbia on Friday to host a news conference and fundraiser. If you'd like to take part in the luncheon, call (202) 471-5833 to RSVP. The suggested contribution...
10:44 am on Monday July 14, 2008

Nader makes it onto ballot in S.C.

Image by flickr user wickendenImage by 20080714nader.jpg If you were looking for another choice in the general election for president, well now you have one. Organizers in South Carolina for presidential candidate Ralph Nader have gotten more than...
7:46 pm on Sunday July 13, 2008

Sanford blanks on economic differences between McCain and Bush

Image by spacer.gif Ouch. So painful. Watch the full interview here. Our Governor Mark Sanford not only said today that he isn't being vetted for McCain's running mate, he may have assured it. After much talk if the governor could by a vice...
6:32 am on Monday July 7, 2008

Obama has eye on S.C.

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama is getting ready to send a team of paid staffers to South Carolina in hopes of swinging this traditionally red state to the Democrats this November. Campaign officials are keeping tight-lipped on how many...