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10:29 am on Monday February 18, 2013

Early info on the 9th annual Battle of Charleston reenactment

Image by Flickr user Michael KappelFrom March 22 - 24, Legare Farms and the 7th SC Infantry will both host and present the 9th annual Battle of Charleston. During the weekend-long event, both reenactors and spectators are invited to explore the...
4:45 am on Monday December 10, 2012

Photos from the Battle of Pocotaligo reenactment weekend

The 1862 Battle of Pocotaligo marked its 150th anniversary this year and a three day event this year was held from December 7-9 at Frampton Plantation in Point South. The battle was reenacted on Saturday and Sunday, but Friday was a time for...
8:14 am on Sunday March 25, 2012

Photos from the Battle of Charleston re-enactment

Image by Battle of Charleston The Post and Courier was at the eighth annual Battle of Charleston and shares a short photo gallery — the battle was July 6 to 9 in 1864.
8:23 am on Sunday April 19, 2009

The 'Battle of Charleston:' a look at the reenactment

Image by Battle of CharlestonImage by 20090419-battle.jpg The Post and Courier went to the fifth annual Battle of Charleston, and shares a glimpse into what the Civil War reenactment is like. Go check out the story. If you're intrigued you can still...
11:31 am on Friday April 17, 2009

Civil War battle to be reenacted

Image by Battle of CharlestonImage by 20090417-battle.jpgHuh? What was that noise? There's a good chance that if you're not at the Battle of Charleston on Saturday, April 18, or Sunday that you might ask just that, as once again reenactors are...
12:23 pm on Friday April 10, 2009

Charles Towne Landing celebrates 338th anniversary

Image by Flickr user TeecNosPosImage by charlest.jpg Come out to Charles Towne Landing on Saturday, April 11 where historic enactors will be dressed in 17th century garb in commemoration of the establishment of the Carolinas in 1670. Here's a bit...