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9:23 am on Monday September 28, 2009

Key issues rest with voters on November 3; Register by October 3

Image by Flickr user barackobamadotcom Image by 20090928-register.jpg Several area municipalities are considering important issues and area voters have a chance to pick who will decide this November 3. Only thing is, if you're not registered by...
5:15 am on Monday November 3, 2008

What the South Carolina voter thinks about the candidates

The State has assembled a selection of quotes to show how the facets of the S.C. voter feels about the battle of McCain vs. Obama. It's an interesting collection of voices that sheds some light on what your fellow South Carolinian is thinking. --...
7:02 am on Friday June 6, 2008

2.3 million registered to vote

Some 2,340,773 people are registered to vote in South Carolina for the Republican and Democratic primaries on June 10. 94,531 more people are registered to vote than there were for in the January presidential primaries. The state was estimated to...