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8:27 am on Monday April 11, 2011

Charleston getting $98 million wind turbine research site (update: what's to come)

Image by Rebecca Dalhouse/Clemson UniversityUpdate April 11: Wind-turbine testing center has attracted interest from various energy companies, leading to plans to create a five-building campus. Over the next two years, $175 million will be invested...
3:04 am on Thursday January 14, 2010

Governor says no, but $7M in state funding will make it to Charleston wind research site

Image by Flickr user Martin Pettitt Gov. Mark Sanford opposed the notion that government and not private dollars were being spent to fuel a wind research site at the Clemson Restoration Institute in North Charleston, still the funding made it past...
5:37 am on Tuesday December 1, 2009

Answering the what and why on the forthcoming $98 million wind turbine facility

Image by Flickr user _rivera Last week the jobs community was abuzz with news that Clemson had secured $98 million to build and run a large-scale wind turbine drive train testing facility in North Charleston. But what wasn't so clear were two...
4:19 am on Friday April 10, 2009

Pilot plant would accelerate S.C.'s production of biofuels

Image by Flickr user bamakodakerImage by 282670036_f3e853dce7_o.jpg Switchgrass is one crop researchers are looking for a viable way to convert to biofuel.Soybeans. With all the attention they get, you'd think they're the only way to make a biofuel...
8:11 am on Thursday December 18, 2008

Fired employee: Clemson's project in Charleston is "wasteful and misguided"

The Greenville News on recently fired Clemson University executive secretary Eugene Troutman who is calling the school's Restoration Institute a "wasteful and misguided project:" Troutman alleges that since Clemson announced its plans for the...