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9:01 am on Monday February 25, 2013

Gaillard grave count reaches 37, plus a cannon ball

An additional eight sets of human remains has brought the tally to 37 for the number of graves found underneath the Gaillard Auditorium construction site, also uncovered was a cannonball believed to be from the Revolutionary War-era.
3:59 am on Tuesday June 29, 2010

Photos from the Carolina Day celebrations

Image by Flickr user domesticatCarolina Day, which marks one of the first defeats of the British naval forces by the American colonies, was commemorated downtown with a parade to White Point Gardens and re-enactors out at Fort Moultrie. It was 234...
6:41 am on Monday March 9, 2009

New magazine talks about the Revolutionary War

David Reuwer has started a new magazine "American Revolution" that aims to talk, obviously, about the Revolutionary War. But based in Camden, it will also highlight South Carolina's important role in the war. The State talks about the publication...
5:39 am on Friday February 27, 2009

Feb. 27 is General Francis Marion Memorial Day

Image by WikipediaImage by 20090227-francis.jpgYep, that's right, our local Revolutionary War hero has his own day in South Carolina. If you, gasp, don't know who the man is, he's also know as the Swamp Fox. See, during the War he was known for...
5:49 am on Tuesday December 9, 2008

Movie stars Lowcountry citizen's role in Revolutionary War

Image by All for LibertyImage by 20081206-revolution.jpg A Lowcountry produced film takes an individual focus on the Lowcountry during the Revolutionary War -- it's set to debut Monday, January 26, at 7 p.m. at the Terrace Theatre. Here's what they...
3:11 am on Monday November 17, 2008

A chance to find history in North Charleston

Image by Library of CongressImage by 20081116-map.jpg Hopes are high and chances are low that history will be found under the word "Town" in "Charles-Town." History buffs are aflutter that the Noisette Co. could stumble across hundreds-of-years-old...
9:05 am on Friday June 27, 2008

Celebrating Carolina Day

Image by TheDigitel.comImage by 20080627moultrie.jpg Fort Moultrie, although it was unfinished and unnamed at the time, is where the Americans defeated the British in the Battle of Sullivan's Island on June 28, 1776. June 28, or Carolina Day, marks...
6:29 am on Saturday June 21, 2008

Feeling Revolutionary?

Image by flickr user megnificenceImage by mikes.jpg St. Michael's Episcopal Church is one of many Revolutionary War history spots found in Charleston. Opened in 1761, its steeple was painted black during the 42-day Revolutionary War siege. If you're...