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11:42 am on Saturday April 5, 2014

Rob Fowler bit by snake, still does weather

News 2 Chief Meteorologist Rob Fowler was bit by a snake yesterday while he was preparing for a live shot from the Kids Wonderfest.
12:50 am on Sunday September 5, 2010

A bit about band 'Fowler's Mustache' and their next gig

Image by Fowler's Mustache The three mustachers play at an Awendaw Green Barn Jam.I've had a fascination with this band for picking a name so steeped in Mount Pleasant lore: Fowler's Mustache. So it's nice to spot a piece about the talks a bit about...
6:52 am on Sunday July 4, 2010

Rob Fowler's Mustache Art Show taking over the Upper Deck (update: video)

Image by Flickr user Wisconsin Historical Images Update July 4: Jonathan Stout dropped by the show and has a nice (and very pretty) video capture and report from the event; take a gander here. Oh, and it's worth pointing out that Fowler's stache has...
6:07 am on Thursday December 24, 2009

There's a new kid in Charleston's music scene: Fowler's Mustache

Image by News 2 The band's namesake.What's up with Charleston's obsession with mustaches?  There's a new band on the Charleston scene, and it's named in remembrance of a local weatherman's famous mustache. The name? "Fowler's Mustache." Preview has...
2:39 pm on Friday December 19, 2008

NBC 2 viewers: 'Bring back the mustache!'

Image by Fowler photo Wikipedia, TV photo gothopotamImage by 20081219-stasch.jpg The loyal viewers miss it so. NBC News 2NBC News 2's loyal viewer are rallying for chief meteorologist Rob Fowler to bring back his mustache. Hilarious. Check out...