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11:13 am on Sunday October 24, 2010

Joe Wilson, Rob Miller debate on TV today (update: watch the replay)

S.C. ETV Updates at the bottom. Today, October 24, is a big day for Republican incumbent Joe Wilson and Democrat challenger Rob Miller, they'll debate in Columbia at 2 p.m. and it will be broadcast by ETV. If you miss the live broadcast, the network...
11:05 am on Sunday October 24, 2010

Island Packet offers a weak endorsement for Joe Wilson

To be clear I don't so much take issue with who The Island Packet has endorsed, but the rather weak logic they've offered up as to why he deserves my and your vote. You can read their piece here, but I'd summarize it as follows with my counters: He'...
5:16 am on Tuesday October 19, 2010

Miller, Wilson campaigns getting muddier and muddier

Flickr user burge5000 The Joe Wilson vs. Rob Miller battle for Congressional District 2 in S.C. has taken a turn for the muddier, yet again.  The most recent back-and-forth is over Wilson's newest campaign ad in which he defends his Congressional...
4:41 am on Monday October 18, 2010

Wilson, Miller congressional battle is nation's priciest (w/FEC summaries for each candidate)

Flickr user mag3737 According to a report filed by McClatchy's DC bureau the Joe Wilson vs. Rob Miller race for the 2nd Congressional District is the nation's most expensive, with the candidates raising a combined $7.3 million. Check out the story...
3:19 am on Friday September 10, 2010

Rob Miller attacks Joe Wilson over ethics investigation, asks for accountability

Flickr user tsmall Miller to Wilson: Count 'em. Shouldn't be much of a shocker that Democrat challenger Rob Miller is going to get every penny he can out the ethics investigation of how incumbent Joe Wilson spent $38,000 in untraceable per diem...
7:57 pm on Wednesday September 8, 2010

Rob Miller and Joe Wilson campaign ads pick up the pace, and mud slinging

Flickr user Ken Wooldridge What happens when you put millions of dollars into a U.S. House race?  Yep, mud slinging TV ads. Democrat Rob Miller and incumbent Republican Joe Wilson are at it on the airwaves for our South Carolina 2nd District race...
9:53 pm on Friday September 3, 2010

Joe Wilson focus of ethics investigation (Update: Investigation focus is broad)

Flickr user republicanconference Update September 4: McClatchy is reporting that Joe Wilson is now saying the investigation covers a number of other items and is wide-ranging, the news outlet also notes that Wilson is  29 among the 435 members of...
10:06 am on Tuesday September 22, 2009

Joe Wilson outflanks competitor raises $2M to $1.5M

After initially lagging, Joe Wilson's "You lie!" remark has propelled him to $2 million raised.