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8:50 am on Saturday June 1, 2013

S.C. Senator resigns over use of campaign money

In a case of alleged campaign money misuse for a car loan, purchases at an adult store, and more Democrat S.C. Sen. Robert Ford from Charleston District 42 resigned “effective immediately” on Friday.
5:21 pm on Friday February 11, 2011

Comment on work ethic of blacks land Sen. Robert Ford in limelight (update: Ford defends, tells media to stick it)

Update February 11: Ford continues to defend his remarks, this time speaking on the South Carolina Floor.  In a nutshell, Ford's argument is that he was trying "to paint a picture to the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on the work habits...
1:15 pm on Monday December 28, 2009

Number 4: The year of Senator Robert Ford

Attorney General Henry McMaster's crusade against Craigslit nearly earned him this spot, but the surprising fact of how many locals are unaware of Charleston Rep. Robert Ford's actions earned him this spot. In lieu of a narrative argument, I offer...
8:17 am on Monday October 26, 2009

'Robert Ford: Video Poker to Save Our State'

Image by Flickr user PhineasX That's the main line from Robert Ford's campaign Web site, seriously. In his bid for governor, S.C. state senator from Charleston Robert Ford (who is one of my favorite state senators, but in a bad way) continues to...
10:04 am on Wednesday February 4, 2009

Robert Ford wants to make Confederate day a paid day off

Image by Flickr user eürodäna Image by 20090204-confederate.jpgThe would-be governor, banner of baggy pants and foul language, and resurrector of video poker, has one more grand idea: Require that all cities and counties in South Carolina give a...
3:43 pm on Monday February 2, 2009

Local argues: Don't we have bigger problems than sagging pants?

Rev. Joseph A. Darby has taken issue with legislation to ban baggy pants that has been proposed by state Senator Robert Ford. Darby writes in a guest column in The Post and Courier, in part: Past experience in America with things like alcohol...
4:58 am on Wednesday January 14, 2009

Sen. Ford wants to make it a felony to curse

Image by Flickr user zebra.paperclipImage by 20090114-curse.jpg The intent here is clearly to curse, but it's not technically a curse word. But does it communicate a curse word? Would I get a $5,000 fine or 5 years for this? None of those questions...
4:15 am on Wednesday January 14, 2009

S.C. Senator Robert Ford announces bid for governor

First reporting: The Post and Courier has a story about Ford's bid for governor. It doesn't add much new information, but does a good job rounding out what is known. Missing from that piece is how Ford has introduced a bill to penalize those who...
6:29 am on Monday December 1, 2008

P&C finally denounces gambling as a budget fix

Despite the tough times, state leaders should dismiss any suggestion that the budget solution lies with legalized gambling. We've already had that debate. Part of The Post and Courier's editorial in response to Sen. Robert Ford's suggestion that...
9:58 am on Wednesday November 26, 2008

Sen. Ford picked Clinton, says Clyburn should have supported Obama

State Sen. Robert Ford, veteran of the Civil Rights movement, in a February 2007 issue of The Post and Courier for why he was endorsing Clinton: Everywhere I go, people everywhere are singing the praises of Hillary. It's a slim possibility for [...