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3:08 am on Sunday October 14, 2012

Years later, trial to begin in tragic death of two year old (Update: Conviction)

Roger Williams.Update October 14: After deliberating for less than an hour on Thursday, a jury found Roger Williams guilty of homicide by child abuse. Williams has no been sentenced to life in prison without parol. I'll point you to ABC News 4's...
8:30 am on Friday September 3, 2010

Autopsy says blunt head trauma killed 2-year-old Rodricus Williams

Image by Flickr user CHINNY! The autopsy results are in for July's tragic homicide story of two-year-old Rodricus Fred Williams and it points to head trauma as the cause of death for the toddler that was later found encased in concrete. Multiple...
4:51 am on Sunday July 11, 2010

On the loss of trust in the Rodricus disappearance

Image by Flickr user Pink Sherbet PhotographyI'm generally not a huge fan of Ken Burger's columns but I think his piece on how the Rodricus deception and tragedy affects a community's sense of trust is spot on. Granted this grand lie won't sink a...
5:02 am on Saturday July 10, 2010

About the accused in Rodricus' death, and a lack of grief

Roger Williams.The Post and Courier dug up the Facebook profiles of those accused in two-year-old Rodricus Williams' death, his father Roger "Tony" Williams and his father's girlfriend Grace Trotman. Particularly notable was how posting to Roger's...
3:42 am on Friday July 9, 2010

Search for missing 2 year old (update x7: what, why, when)

Image by Flickr user [puamelia] Update July 10: The story has continued, head to our Rodricus topic page. Update July 9: Another Post and Courier update this time with more details about the discovery of Rodricus, the case, and the cause and...