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8:33 am on Sunday February 13, 2011

Charleston's Sustainable Warehouse working to make a better community

Image by Katie Kozar/TheDigitelLast year alone, local non-profit the Sustainable Warehouse diverted nearly 30 tons of what some people would call 'trash' from going into local landfills. With a focus on sustainability and an emphasis on giving back...
9:52 am on Saturday October 3, 2009

The woman behind Charleston's Sustainable Warehouse

Image by Flickr user Elliott P Image by 20091003-sustainable.jpg The Sustainable Warehouse aims to prevent scenes like this one. Charleston's Sustainable Warehouse steps in before old homes hit the landfill to give old materials a second chance to...
7:29 pm on Sunday July 27, 2008

Saving the mundane to majestic, group seeks to save items from landfills

Image by Flickr user Montrasio InternationalImage by 20080727_waste.jpg Don't let it all go to waste. The group will be selling off items reclaimed from the The Cigar Factory, which is on National Register of Historic Places. If you've ever tried to...