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11:25 am on Saturday September 29, 2012

Charleston aquarium gets a helpful boost from lemurs exhibit

Image by Flickr user harryalverson Back in April, the lemurs exhibit opened at the S.C. Aquarium, and it seems to have been no small part in a 3% attendance boost at the local visitor mainstay.
2:41 am on Friday August 17, 2012

Two turtles returned to the sea (Update: Photos)

Image by S.C. Aquarium Update: The two turtles were returned to their watery home yesterday, and if you wanted to make it but couldn't, the S.C. Aquarium has loads of photos for you; see them on Facebook. The S.C. Aquarium Sea Turtle Hospital will...
3:24 am on Sunday August 21, 2011

100-pound turtle, Beaufort, sent home

Flickr user briangratwicke Beaufort, a 100-pound loggerhead turtle was put back in the water this month after being saved from Battery Creek in May. Beaufort is doing great and happy to be back in the water. You can read a blog post from the S.C....
11:05 am on Sunday June 26, 2011

Kiteboarding at the Cooper River Bridge

A little birdie sent this link our way of some kiteboarding happening down near the S.C. Aquarium/Fort Sumter pier near the foot of the Cooper River Bridge (map below). Obviously don't try this one for yourselves, but it's a fun watch. Take a watch...
2:14 am on Sunday April 17, 2011

Photo of the Day: At the S.C. Aquarium

Image by Monte A loggerhead turtle swims at the South Carolina Aquarium.
12:07 pm on Monday February 14, 2011

Cold weather also tough on sea turtles (update: Frosty the turtle recovering well)

Flickr user briangratwicke Updated February 14: The South Carolina Aquarium's blog has a nice update on Frosty the Turtle, one of the most severely injured turtles being treated by the Sea Turtle Rescue Program as a result of our unusually cold...
3:47 am on Thursday December 30, 2010

A baby alligator looks out

Image by Matt Drobnik A baby alligator at the South Carolina Aquarium.
9:45 am on Thursday August 12, 2010

Alabaster: Albino alligator at the S.C. Aquarium gets a name

Image by Amanda Click/TheDigitel You can see more shots of the gator over here.Taking it's name from a fine grained translucent gypsum, the albino alligator at the S.C. Aquarium finally has a name: Alabaster.  It took four weeks and 570 votes to...
2:05 am on Tuesday December 29, 2009

Stating the obvious: Bald eagles are magnificent creatures (photo)

The Post and Courier ran a photo of a hooded American bald eagle at the South Carolina Aquarium that had an injury repaired. While the injury isn't really news, nor is the photo outstanding, it does capture what a magnificient bird they are. Have a...
4:57 am on Saturday May 2, 2009

Penguins know how to throw a party: Aquarium attendance way up

Image by S.C. AquariumImage by 20090311-penguin.jpgThe Post and Courier reports that the new penguin exhibit at the S.C. Aquarium is largely responsible for a three-fold rise in attendance. Read more stories on this subject in our Aquarium topic...