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3:14 am on Saturday August 20, 2011

Two North Charleston rail plans, one aerial overview video

As the war for the future of rail lines in North Charleston continues to drag on, the city is hoping to better educate on the differences between the two plans. The video shows a pair of captured Google Earth video flyover of theĀ proposed rail...
3:25 am on Wednesday August 10, 2011

North Charleston port rail fight: City files state and federal lawsuits (update: context)

Image by Flickr user redyamflan Update August 10: As often with high-stakes news a question often follows: "But what does it mean?" In this case the City of North Charleston obviously has little interest in blocking the port from being developed,...
11:37 am on Sunday March 13, 2011

North Charleston rail plans to be reviewed at public port oversight meeting (update: meeting held)

Image by Flickr user redyamflan Update March 12: The meeting was held and it doesn't seem to hold much surprise: The commission didn't have much love towards the North Charleston-CSX rail plan. While a bit irate in tone, theĀ Charleston City Paper's...