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6:34 am on Sunday December 2, 2012

Lowcountry BBQ: Getting to know four great out of the way spots

Image by Scott's Bar-B-Q Scott's BBQ is legend.One of the top things any newcomer to the Lowcountry should learn is the best BBQ is often found far from your urban or suburban home.  And we've logged plenty of entries and photos about the region's...
4:16 am on Sunday July 22, 2012

Rodney Scott aiming for a Charleston Scott's BBQ

Image by Scott's Bar-B-QGood news local BBQ lovers, some of the best 'que in the country may soon no longer take 100 minutes to get to. Rodney Scott of the legendary Scott's Bar-B-Q in Hemingway recently told The Washington Post during an interview ...
9:05 am on Thursday June 21, 2012

The Barbecue Bus: Documenting South Carolina's BBQ culture

Image by The Barbecue BusOne man completing a dissertation, Rien Fertel, and a former news photographer, Denny Culbert, have teamed up with the Southern Foodways Alliance are journeying through South Carolina to capture the story of the Palmetto...
12:49 pm on Saturday July 3, 2010

Four classic South Carolina BBQ spots more than worth the drive

Image by Flickr user Over at the Charleston City Paper, Stephanie Barna has whipped up a quick list of four must-try BBQ spots in the lower mid-lands of South Carolina. Take a read of it here. On TheDigitel, we've already talked...
5:31 am on Thursday June 11, 2009

Scott's BBQ: All the reasons you need to go to Hemingway

John Edge recently journeyed to South Carolina's tucked away town of Hemingway to do a report on Scott's Bar-B-Q for The New York Times'. Read more stories on this subject in our BBQ topic page.And disappoint, this article does not. If you're not...