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5:28 am on Wednesday August 13, 2014

Sea level rise: New map shows how much Charleston will flood

If you didn't already know, a few feet of water will make your city apartment into waterfront real estate.
10:11 am on Wednesday March 21, 2012

Sea level rise: Much of Myrtle Beach area stands to see flooding by 2020

photo by flickr user jelene We all assume a certain amount of risk living in Myrtle Beach.  The sea sometimes gets angry, my friends, and flooding is always a possibility.  But what about when she stays seemingly calm, yet rises just a tad year by...
4:21 am on Wednesday March 21, 2012

Sea level rise: Much of Charleston area stands to see flooding by 2020

In this scenario of a four-foot sea level occurring, only the white areas would be above water.Live in downtown Charleston for just one summer and you'll shrug off talk of flooding — as soon as you hear the rain pounding you'll know to grab the...
7:42 am on Monday March 19, 2012

Sea level rise: Much of Beaufort stands to see flooding by 2020

A global warming awareness group is using data from new papers and a unique approach to help spread awareness of the risks tied with sea level rise. Climate Central created a website that combines detailed map data with a Google Maps-style interface...
11:16 pm on Wednesday July 20, 2011

Study: El Nino season's likely to get even wetter in Charleston

Image by NOAA A new NOAA study found coastal areas along the East Coast could be more vulnerable to storm surges and sea level rise in future El Nino years.As Charleston continues to play catch-up with downtown flooding, the game seems to be...
4:28 am on Monday December 21, 2009

Why South Carolina should care about climate change

Image by Flickr user Micah A. Ponce The thinking is, that extreme weather conditions will become more common as the earth warms.Shifting and outright disappearing coastlines are just a couple of the problems that will haunt South Carolina as the...
3:02 am on Saturday November 14, 2009

Bracing for sea level rise: Where would the walls go?

Image by Flickr user Kaitlin Shiner Image by 20091114-waves.jpgThe water in front of Charleston has been rising for the last century and will continue to do so.  Regardless if you think it will rise only a foot or as much as three during the next...
6:18 am on Sunday May 3, 2009

A call to address the risks of climate change

Image by 20090503-storms.jpg A group says we can easily do much more to mitigate the damage from storms like these and others.A new report urges government and leadership to do more to reduce the risk of damage from natural disasters. Namely, the...
7:01 pm on Thursday August 28, 2008

New video illustrates risks of sea level rise to Charleston

Image by spacer.gif Charleston's sea level has risen about a foot over the last century, and is expected to rise some two more feet over the next century. All that on our shoreline that once extended miles further out. To that end, The Southern...