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5:14 pm on Monday February 20, 2012

"This is big people furniture. Try not to sh@! all over it." a locals review

I loved season one of Eastbound and Down. Season two? Not so much. While it was funny, and still in the same ballpark as season one, something felt off. This season, however, seems to have both of those things going for it.  I'll confess, I didn't...
4:31 pm on Monday February 20, 2012

"You're in Myrtle f#^@*ing Beach" a locals review

I've never watched a full episode of Eastbound & Down, just clips I've seen on the internet so I watched the show and took some notes from a local's perspective.  There are perhaps some spoilers below. I wouldn't know what is a spoiler or not...
2:57 pm on Wednesday February 15, 2012

Eastbound & Down casting call for extras

HBO Eastbound & Down, which has its season three premiere this Sunday, February 19, is returning to Myrtle Beach to film and needs some extras.  This Monday and Tuesday, February 20 and 21, HBO film crews will be filming in Myrtle Beach. We're...
7:06 pm on Friday January 6, 2012

Eastbound & Down Season 3 teaser trailer

Kenny Powers is back and his antics here in Myrtle Beach are featured in this teaser trailer for the upcoming season of Eastbound & Down.  The long awaited third season of HBO's hit comedy series that was filmed here in Myrtle Beach; using the...