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3:57 am on Thursday May 20, 2010

Profiling the woman behind the holistic cooking of Alluette's Cafe

Image by Flickr user yomi955 If you know Charleston well at all, you've probably discovered the healthy, organic, slow food style cooking at Alluette's Cafe and Alluette's Jazz Cafe.  A lot has been said about those spots and the woman behind it, ...
2:44 pm on Saturday July 25, 2009

Come watch 'Food, Inc.' and discuss at Terrace Theater

Image by FOOD, Inc poster.jpgExcited to catch a showing of Food, Inc. when it comes on July 31? Well there's a reward if you wait just a few more days. On Monday, August 3, Slow Food Charleston and Lowcountry Local First -- local organizations who...
9:32 am on Monday May 26, 2008

Have a taste for Italian? Charleston's the place for you

Image by stock.xchng user microbiImage by pasta.jpg Looks good, doesn't it? There's no shortage of Italian specialties here in Charleston. Coming from an Italian family (check the last name, folks), here's a story that went straight to my heart. Or...