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7:05 am on Thursday December 31, 2009

Brrr. Charleston's two Polar Bear Swims are back

Image by Flickr user Margarita BantingJust remember that when your shivering your butt off, at least both events are for a good cause. Read more stories on this subject in our Polar Bear topic page.The longer running of the two is on Sullivan's...
10:17 am on Sunday December 28, 2008

Charleston has two Polar Bear Swims to pick from

Image by Flickr user santheoImage by 20081228-polar.jpg It's that time of year again: Charleston's Polar Bear swimmers are going back at it for a dip on January 1. We've got a pair to pick from this year: On Sullivan's Island at 2 p.m. Dunleavy's...