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5:29 am on Wednesday April 27, 2011

Charleston council responds to reports of aggresive solicitation

On Tuesday, April 26th, Charleston City Council took the first steps against aggressive soliciation in our beloved city. Many tourists and locals alike have made claims of being harrassed and lied to by Charleston street vendors. Mayor Joe Riley...
10:40 am on Tuesday April 26, 2011

Beaufort's BPAC ticket manager sentenced to four years in prison

Melanie Daniels The former box office manager of a local performing arts organization has been sentenced to four years in prison for embezzlement. Melanie Daniels, 38, of St. Helena Island, pleaded guilty Monday to one count of breach of trustfor...
6:27 am on Sunday June 21, 2009

City of Charleston steps in to cover prosecution gap

Rather than see a lose in the local ability to prosecute drug offenders, the City of Charleston has stepped in with a $50,000 agreement to help pay the salary of the 9th Circuit assistant solicitor. You can read about the curious setup over at The...
5:38 am on Wednesday July 30, 2008

Officials fed up with gun violence

9th Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson and state U.S. Attorney Walt Wilkins are launching a new program called "Operation Fed Up" to get illegal guns off the streets in Charleston and Berkeley counties. The basic idea is to get more of the cases...
7:45 am on Saturday July 26, 2008

Wilson gets grant to fight domestic abuse

9th Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson has received more than $67,000 from the state Department of Public Safety to hire a prosecutor specifically for domestic violence cases, one of the state's biggest problems. Many media outlets and organizations...