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12:17 pm on Tuesday March 27, 2012

Race for the 7th: Bauer leading in polls (update: Wilkes drops out, endorses Bauer)

Photo Courtesy: MySpace Bauer being sworn in as LT. Governor, photo taken from his abandoned page. Update at the bottom: According to FITS News, former Lieutenant Governor, Andre Bauer is leading internal polls that were recently...
6:27 am on Tuesday January 3, 2012

First South Carolina Tea Party Convention to be held in MYR (Update: WPDE coverage)

Flickr user ormatted_dad Update 1/2/12: Local ABC affiliate WPDE has a brief write-up as well as the above video about the upcoming SC Tea Party Convention. Read the WPDE write-up by clicking here and read below for the back story.  Update 12/30/11...