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7:34 am on Tuesday May 11, 2010

At James Island neigborhood, one cute critter has got to go (update: Jailbreak!)

Image by Flickr user lindenbaum Yes, we went with a photo of a squirrel, but have no official stance on this debate. Update May 11: Someone has absconded with the foxes; get the story at ABC News 4. First reporting: Foxes are cute. Squirrels are...
3:17 pm on Saturday January 2, 2010

Clemson eradicating squirrels as they overrun campus

Image by Flickr user harold.lloyd Also known by their less affectionate moniker of "tree rats," some 200 squirrels have been rounded up and euthanized on Clemson's 800-acre campus. Why? In part they've led to a die-off some 100 trees. The Anderson...