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12:37 pm on Wednesday May 16, 2012

After 23 years on the job a Michigan man faces unemployment.

 John Chevilott was performing his duties by mowing lawns in Detroit for the county, when he came across a gun in the grass.   He alerted his supervisor of the find and was told that police were going to meet him at the job site to recover the...
4:43 am on Wednesday January 19, 2011

Man dead after Christmas Eve towing dispute in Bluffton (update: Community petitions for murder charge)

Flickr user Null Value Update January 19: WSAV's Holly Bounds has a report on a community effort to get Solicitor Duffie Stone to raise the charges against Preston Oates to murder. Apparently about 25 people will be circulating a petition throughout...
4:41 am on Thursday January 6, 2011

Hispanic radio station slammed with calls regarding Christmas Eve shooting (w/video)

Flickr user m-c Outrage from the Hispanic community regarding the Christmas Eve shooting of Carlos Alberto Olivera during a dispute in a Bluffton neighborhood is a story we've been expecting for some time, and it's now been provided by WSAV's Holly...
3:17 am on Thursday December 30, 2010

Police defend arrest pace in Oates-Olivera shooting; Memorial details emerge

Flickr user mayu** In the immediate aftermath of Carlos Alberto Olivera's Christmas Eve death many were shocked that his shooter, Pro Tow owner Preston Oates, was not charged for two days. It's an issue that Beaufort County police are finally...
4:19 am on Wednesday December 29, 2010

As case of Christmas Eve shooting expands, so do public details and rifts

Yesterday, December 28, Preston Oates, 27, faced a bail hearing for the charge of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime — it was a moment that offered more light on the murky chain of events that lead to the death of Carlos...
10:55 am on Friday October 17, 2008

Man found dead in Goose Creek

Update October 19: Read the newer story. Updates throughout. [gmap markers=blue::32.976196073907495,-80.01055240631104 |zoom=12 |center=32.97785212938671,-80.02132415771484 |width=220px |height=200px |control=Small |type=Map] James Moricoli was...