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2:18 am on Monday May 2, 2011

A round-up of Beaufort area summer camps

Flickr user Carissa GoodNCrazy Looking for a place to sequester ... err, "entertain," your kid for those long summer months? Lowcountry Child has produced a solid roundup of Beaufort County summer camps and broken them down into arts, athletic,...
11:18 am on Tuesday July 6, 2010

Photos from Camp Happy Days

Image by Camp Happy Days Every year for one week Camp Happy Days lets kids with cancer and their siblings forget about the cancer and just remember having fun as kids. Well The Post and Courier dropped by this camp on the edge of Lake Marion and has...
6:14 am on Monday June 15, 2009

The State: S.C. Camps are lacking in regulation

Image by Flickr user AjDele Photography Image by 20090615-camp.jpg The State reports that camps in South Carolina don’t have to be licensed or inspected on how they operate their programs, train their staff, or report injuries or deaths to any...
7:00 am on Sunday March 22, 2009

A guide to Charleston-area summer camps

Image by Flickr user GwenImage by 20090322-summer.jpg Summer's nearly here! And you know what that means: It's time for you to find something for your kid to actually do. Well, The Post and Courier has you covered with their annual guide to local...
6:15 am on Tuesday July 15, 2008

Sweetgrass basket camp helps tradition live on

Image by flickr user designatednaphourImage by 20080715basket.jpg Sweetgrass baskets are probably one of the biggest items you can find here in Charleston, costing upwards of $100 for one of good quality. Creative Spark in Mount Pleasant is hosting...