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3:20 pm on Friday November 6, 2009

Caviar and Bananas gets all taste bud trippy on us

Image by Brian Wilder/TheDigitelImage by 20091106-berry.jpg The infamous "Miraculin" berry that started it all.I don't like to have my God-given senses screwed with by mere mortals, so it's safe to say that I was nothing less than apprehensive about...
7:53 am on Friday October 30, 2009

Caviar & Bananas invites you to come along on a taste trip

Image by Flickr user roboppy Image by 20091030-taste.jpgInterested in freaking your tongue out for a night? Come on out and submit your taste buds to Caviar and Bananas' taste tripping party. Though it may sound illegal, we promise it isn't. The...