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11:05 am on Tuesday January 10, 2012

Beaufort County legislators discuss 2012 top priorities, as they see them

Flickr user opensourceway Beaufort County legislators recently convened to discuss the top priorities for this year. What topped the list? Education funding, state spending, and pension and tax reform. While quite a bit of progress was made in 2011...
5:34 am on Monday August 22, 2011

Change in real estate law to benefit second home buyers (Update: maybe not in MYR)

Flickr user TheDigitelMYR-Scott Smallin Update 8/22: The Sun News has an update on Govornor Haley's signing of S.C. House bill 3713 and how it may have little effect on Horry County in the immediate future. Why? Among other things, home prices are...