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8:13 am on Wednesday May 14, 2014

South Carolina BBQ Trail gains traction in Conway

South Carolina is known for its southern cooking - including its BBQ. [Conway] made the list of the top ten states for BBQ.  A ranking like that, could draw more tourists to our area. South Carolina is number six on the list, which is featured on...
9:31 am on Tuesday April 8, 2014

Myrtle Beach One Of 10 Best Budget Vacations For Spring

The editors at Budget Travel have chosen Myrtle Beach as one of its top 10 best budget vacations for spring 2014. “Why wait till summer for a warm beach getaway” is the tagline Budget Travel used when describing Myrtle Beach. The editors focused on...
4:30 am on Wednesday August 1, 2012

SC ranks in the top 10 states with the biggest underemployment problems

Flickr User: ***Karen The Huffington Post has a write-up about the ten states with the biggst underemployment problem and guess what - South Carolina is on it. Underemployment is a big problem and as HuffPo puts it, "8.2 percent of Americans are...