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9:50 am on Monday January 23, 2012

After a year and a half, USS Laffey is returning to Patriots Point (update x2, with photos)

Image by Flickr user allygirl520Update January 23: The Post and Courier has an update with a photo gallery of the $1.1 million, 60-foot gap that has been created to finally bring the Laffey home after a year and a half of being docked at Shipyard...
9:35 am on Wednesday August 19, 2009

USS Laffey makes trip up the Cooper for some serious repairs

Image by USS Laffey circa 1964Image by 20090819-laffey.jpg The USS Laffey, aptly named "the ship that would not die" has reached the drydock where she is about to experience $9 million worth of repairs to her hull. The Post and Courier has a brief...
4:09 am on Friday June 12, 2009

Patriots Point securing $9.2M in state funding; looks for $20M from fed

Image by NavyImage by 20090612-laffey.jpg The Laffey back in her glory days.After a brief visit, S.C. Treasurer Converse Chellis moved to secure a $9.2 million loan for repairs to the ailing gunship, the USS Laffey. Read more stories on this...
11:23 am on Friday June 5, 2009

Patriots Point one step closer to saving their ships

Image by Flickr user allygirl520Image by 20090605-laffey.jpg Patriots Point needs $9.2 million to keep the USS Laffey afloat, but the state Budget and Control Board wants a plan of repayment in writing before doling out such a large sum. Patriots...
2:51 am on Wednesday September 10, 2008

Patriots Point's USS Laffey getting repairs

Image by Flickr user allygirl520Image by 20080910repairs.jpg Some of the USS Laffey's former crew members are returning to their ship not simply to pay homage, but to repair the ship. Here's a bit about the ship anchored at Patriots Point from...