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6:22 am on Thursday October 2, 2008

Go debate watching tonight

Image by Flickr user bobster1985Image by 20081002debate.jpg What will they say? I have a feeling both are going to babble enough to make supporters want to drink. 9 p.m. tonight is the much-anticipated vice presidential debate. While the McCain and...
5:35 am on Saturday August 30, 2008

Too early to tell for most locals on McCain's VP pick

Sure, there's been a lot of back and forth about Sarah Palin on the national stage, but how do locals feel about the choice? Live 5 News decided to find out. And? People just don't know yet, an excerpt: But most seemed hesitant to form an opinion on...
10:46 am on Thursday August 21, 2008

Sanford: I'm not McCain's running mate

At a press conference Governor Mark Sanford firmly stated he won't be VP. Well, there you have it. Can we move on now?
7:46 pm on Sunday July 13, 2008

Sanford blanks on economic differences between McCain and Bush

Image by spacer.gif Ouch. So painful. Watch the full interview here. Our Governor Mark Sanford not only said today that he isn't being vetted for McCain's running mate, he may have assured it. After much talk if the governor could by a vice...
2:06 pm on Thursday July 3, 2008

Sanford trip fueling VP speculation

Image by SCGovernor.comImage by 20080616sanford.jpg Gov. Sanford, out of the woods and into the White House? Maybe yet. The notion of Sanford as McCain's VP was all but dead, then it wasn't, and now it's back on. Our governor will be attending John...